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About the Investigator

Jesse Prado

Jesse Prado is the Owner/Investigator of JPPI Investigations. He is a decorated, honorably retired, Austin Police Detective with over 25 years of dedicated service to the Austin Metro Area. Detective Prado spent his first 3 years on patrol in East Austin and was then transferred to the prestigious Organized Crime Division where he served over 21 years in a covert/undercover unit. Due to the magnitude of his investigations most of his cases were prosecuted in Federal Court. 

Detective Prado worked side by side with FBI, DEA, Customs (ICE), DPS, IRS, Travis County, U.S. Secret Service, USPS Inspectors, and numerous other Law Enforcement Agencies around the Country. He is a certified TCOLE instructor and was frequently assigned to teach classes at the Police Academy.  ​

Detective Prado has experience investigating a wide range of cases.  He is very effective conducting interviews and interrogations in Spanish and English with a special knack for obtaining confessions. Detective Prado is also skilled in undercover operations and surveillance. He is a fluent Spanish speaker with a highly regarded reputation in State and Federal Court.     ​

After his retirement from the Austin Police Department, in 2013, Detective Prado accepted a request by a Specially appointed prosecutor to assist in an investigation involving high State level government officials. He now conducts a wide range of investigations at the highest Professional level. 

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